Why not?

"Have you thought about keeping a journal?" "I hope you are writing all of this down!" "One day you'll want to look back and read about your journey to your kiddos..." "Why don't you start a blog?"

Yeah, why not?

You're all correct. We should be writing this down. Our life is insane. Life has been insane for a while now. And it's about to get insan-er. Clearly I'm losing my mind (and vocabulary), so why not document it all now while I can?

It's just a blog. I've done this before. I mean, it's not brain surgery or anything.

Ha. (Wink)

So here goes. I'll be honest and transparent. I don't have time to be anything else right now. So I'm just going to allow the things that fall out of my head and my heart on a daily basis fall onto this blog (instead of onto the ground beneath my feet that is a rushing blur).

I need to get back to packing up the little cottage that I will call home for only five more days.

Why I thought it was a good idea to start a blog this morning when this is my view, literally right now from where I'm sitting typing this, I don't know.

YOLO, right?

Clearly I haven't packed my sarcasm up yet.

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