What makes a home?

We are all moved into the new place as much as boxes scattered everywhere can be considered moved in. We are staying at a close friend's father's house that we currently have all to ourselves (#spoiled). The situation is temporary but such an incredible, miraculous blessing. We will be here until Chad's surgery and most of his recovery, so we can at least pause for a moment and catch our breath before this next uphill climb of weeks in the hospital and lots of sleepless nights.

I took pictures of the cottage as we packed it up and it was very therapeutic for me. I learned to see how so much of what I loved about "home" was honestly my stuff. Which sounds incredibly materialistic, but hear me out. I love interior design. I love making things. I love collecting things. When I packed up the cottage I felt like I was saying goodbye to so many things that are special to me. My cute blankets from Nona that were tossed gently over the corner of the couch. Art that my husband and I made together hanging on the walls. Hand-built furniture that I poured my heart and soul into, and by "poured my heart and soul" I mean cut an old chair in half and put a slab of painted wood on top. But it really isn't the "house" that counts, but the "home" you make in it. With memories, decor, whatever. And we will have a home again one day.

Just with lots less stuff in it.


I've done a ton of purging this last year, and will be doing even more over our stay here. It's a good sign when you put more from a move into a garage sale than you do in your storage unit. I think I'm on the right track.

In the spirit of letting things go, I'm doing a fun giveaway that ends tonight (Friday May 5th @ 8pm) for this floral oil mini. It's teeny tiny and precious. Jump over on my FB page to enter!

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