CASTING CALL: Wheelchair models

Not really. But seriously.

Chad's WADA procedure went perfectly on Friday. The doctors were able to gain information critical to his surgery next month. The procedure was incredibly interesting, and Chad was able to get one of the neurologists to video tape the entire thing for him. Essentially, they put one side of his brain in paralysis at a time, testing the "awake" side to compare how much control over things like speech, mobility, memory, sight, etc is duplicated from one side of his brain to another. We have not received any results yet other than that 100% of control over language and speech is on the left side of his brain, meaning if they cut that out during surgery he will not have any ability to compensate with the right side of his brain. Whereas his memory is duplicated on his right side (he actually has more control on his right side than his left), so if they cut anything important memory-wise during surgery, he should be able to regain it one day using the right side of his brain. It's all obviously much more complicated than that, but the good news is that he didn't have any seizures during the test and has not suffered any severity of stroke from the procedure! He is still in some pain from the incision site, but will fully recover soon enough. Thank you for all the prayers!

We have had an insanely hectic weekend and I am doing lots of catch up today. I'll post a general update next!

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