What a weekend.

It's been a bit crazy over here these past few days. Here are some quick updates:


Chad's WADA procedure went perfectly Friday morning (see this post for details) and Friday evening was spent celebrating! My father-in-law, my twin and myself all turned one year older Friday, and we were treated to Red Robin with friends and family for a dinner of fun and laughter.


My twin, Shawna, graduated from college on Saturday, so after very little sleep, I woke up earlier than should be legal to get ready and watch her walk across the stage at HVCC. She has faced some incredible hurdles that many would have abandoned their pursuit of a degree over, but she continued to persevere and has reaped the rewards. I am so happy for her and proud of her hard work!!! We celebrated with friends and family for lunch afterwards, and then Chad and I popped up to his parents house to spend some time with family visiting from out of state.

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early with the absolute greatest mother-in-law anyone could ask for. I'm convinced I have the best mother-in-law ever made. Seriously. She's so awesome!


After church, we visited my mom for Mother's Day and got to watch her cry while reading her card which only happens EVERY SINGLE TIME we give her a card. It's actually really cute, and if I wanted to embarrass her I'd post the video I secretly took of her crying... but I won't. It was great to sit and visit with her and tell her how much I love her!


And it's Monday again, and I have tons of work to finish for weddings coming up! Thanks for keeping up with us on this blog and the Facebook page. And thank you to all who have generously given to us financially through this fundraiser. Every little bit helps while Chad is out of work! We feel the love. <3

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