Let the (water)colors run.

I have been looking for a travel watercolor kit for a while now. I've never been a huge fan of the tin pan style watercolor kits, but was just about to buy one off Amazon when I came across this little watercolor wheel at a local art store in Provincetown while we were away for the weekend.

I am IN LOVE. It makes me feel like I'm holding the Rubik's cube of watercolor paint. It's small, compact, creative, and excellent quality. The "top" is clear and doubles as a palette when you flip it over. CUTE.

Then, each tray unscrews from the wheel in two seconds making set up and tear down quick and painless.


I want my watercolors to be thick and dense with color, saturated enough that I can do a pale wash or a sharp line and be able to control/layer the color nicely all along the way.

And 24 colors for a travel kit is way more than I thought I'd get. I threw together some swatches quick for you guys to see just how varied the kit is.

I tested them out on a quick sketch of some waves.

And then committed to a larger, more detailed painting, all while using the pan and a couple of brushes I brought along on the trip with me. Not too bad for not having all my normal paints, brushes and supplies! I'm loving this watercolor wheel!

Best price guys: IT'S LIKE $5!!!!! Yes. $5.00. You seriously can't beat that for a travel watercolor set. I'm tempted to pick another one up just to have as backup. Grab one from Blick's website here.

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