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"The forsaken man who knows not a love for the ocean,

shall forever remain a man who knows not my trust."

-Quote by John Stoher

Just kidding... I literally just made that up. And I made up the name John Stoher.

(John, if you're real and you're out there somewhere, sorry.)

But seriously. If you don't like the ocean there is something wrong with you.

It's the happiest place on earth. I'm so in love with the ocean. I can BREATHE. I can THINK. I can DREAM. I can make art with stones washed up on the shore. I can feel weightless and relaxed and so perfectly content.

This guy loves it, too.

Nauset Beach was our first stop on our little Cape Cod getaway. I normally don't mind the temperature of the water and will usually jump right in. BUT the water was FREEZING, and the weather that day was FREEZING-ER. I ended up wearing my big winter coat. The pictures are deceiving. It was COLD.

But I didn't care. We stayed for the entire afternoon and then went to our home away from home to cook a yummy spaghetti dinner.

The rest of the trip included:

-more visits to more beaches

-hitting local thrift stores

-browsing antique shops


-stopping to smell the rhodadendrons

-trying new hair styles

-making art


-being jokesters

-sleeping in

-taking horrible selfies

-walking around all morning in lipstick and Barbie pajamas... because I could

-remembering to be in love

-remembering to breath

-drinking lots of kombucha


And lots more.

We couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity our friends gave us. They spoiled us rotten and we had such a wonderful time. The first half of our summer will be spent in the hospital and recovery/therapy. Second half will likely be recovery time for Chad and surgery time for me. Hoping we can squeeze in another trip to the ocean in there somewhere.

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