Tricks of the trade.

If you're ever wondering how digital artists create handprinted lovelies so quickly, here's a little hint: PHOTOSHOP.

We don't have all day every day to paint up new flowers, greenery, or other elements to then be scanned, tweaked, and transformed into digital files to be used for invites, website graphics, print material elements, and the like.

Often times, an original leafy branch or flower illustration, like in the sketchbook above for instance, is edited to fit multiple color palettes or artistic styles. The possibilities at that point are endless... well, as long as you have some advanced design skills.

I went ahead and took the leafy branch and flower (that I originally painted in watercolor) and transformed it into three styles (above). I then utilized those three styles into drastically different design applications. I've named each one for extra credit. (Wink, wink)

"WILD & WHIMSY" A boutique wine.

"Oh So Charming" A baby's tee design or nursery print.

"Southern Peach" A wedding wreath & invitation suite.

Online, artists sell "clip art" with digital & printable "packages" that contain elements just like my original leafy branch & flower. They duplicate them, style them differently, and sell them to a wide market of customers looking for that artsy, hand-painted touch for their project. Eventually, I'd like to get around to selling some myself! Let me know if you'd be interested in scooping up some original clip art from yours truly to use as you wish at home!

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