Where inspiration comes from.

As an artist, inspiration can be a healing balm or kryptonite. It can be exactly what you need to soothe your soul, or it can torment you with reminders of the time, skill, motivation, or opportunity you need but don't have to bring your inspiration to life.

I spent yesterday off "galavanting" with my twin sister near Chatham, NY.

I've been wanting to use that word for a while now.

Inspiration was everywhere. Landscapes, music, food, people, the dancing shadows of leaves in the sunshine on long country roads. It was breathtaking and gave me a major case of art aggression (where you want to make art so badly that you could punch something).

Balance has always been hard for me. I'm an incredibly passionate extremist, and art is no exception. I'm learning to scale down my endeavors and focus on just getting something out. A sketch, an hour here or there on a painting, some quick concept illustrations. Just something everyday so as to not starve myself from the satisfaction of creating because of my fear of failure or inability to reach perfection. Something each day to ground me and move me forward a little tree or landscape at a time. I'm a work in progress.

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