WANTED: Airstream trailer. Will settle for Creeper Camper.

If anyone has a spare Airstream trailer you don't want (heck, I'd take a Creeper Camper at this point), I'll take it. My dream is to turn it into something like this.

It's pretty simple, really.

To Do List:

Remodel trailer

Move: guitar, birds, hubby, plants, paints and easel into camper

Acquire: great dane puppy

Drive all over the country

Explore, adventure, share Jesus-love with everyone we meet, inevitably acquire more pets

I sound "totes hipster", don't I? Let me get real for a second.

Friends and family have told us how they can't help but hurt for how incredibly hard this past year has been on Chad and I. (The person writing this blog post might change "past year" to "past six years"). Through all the health and financial battles we've fought, especially this past year with Chad's double brain surgeries and my stage 4 endometriosis surgery less than two months later, I can't help but observe how we have been stripped down to almost nothing. Financially, we are "spent" (pun intended). Physically and mentally, we are in recovery/rehabilitation mode. Emotionally, we are stark naked. But it's been easy for me to find contentment through the emptiness. The incredible network of friends and family and love and generosity has lessened the blow.

However, the first several years of marriage, despite what we were going through, I was driven by the passion and desire to "nest", to make a home, to dream of making a family. Nothing went as planned.

And the idea of going through that all over again, and losing it just one more time, again, is unbearable right now. I don't think it will be unbearable forever. But right now it is. And the idea of a nomad's lifestyle, of camper-living, of minimalistic motivations, is incredibly healing and MANAGEABLE. I'm like a mason jar (yes, one of the antique blue ones when they were still hand blown glass with bubble imperfections). This past year especially I have been filled to the brim, overflowing with things I need to process and delicately manage emotionally and spiritually. It has been trying and exhausting, and the idea of "making a home" again would be like trying to pour two more gallons of water into my already-drowning jar.

I thrive on the idea of living with so much less stuff. I've actually been purging incessantly. Stacey Leonard. PURGING. Who knew they'd hear those words together, am I right?!?

But it's refreshing. And the idea of just getting away is life-giving.

It's a dream. I know. But can't hurt to ask. So I'm serious- if you have a mad-ugly camper, and you want to see it remodeled to DIY-heaven, to have a crazy artist with her crazy birds and her crazy husband missing a peach-sized amount of his brain make a life out of it, shoot me a message.

Until then, if you have a garage apartment, closet under the stairs (HP anyone?), or spare tent in your backyard, let me know. Because camper or not, we need to move soon and have no where to go. Which is cool. But also a little scary. But also a little fun.

Will work for rent by making art, painting, designing, remodeling, singing, pet-sitting (aka pet-obsessing) or movie-quoting (specifically HP, Pitch Perfect, Bourne series, LOTR, or Gladiator).

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