A Black & White Palette

Stephen is the rock solid, as-geniune-as-it-gets mechanic and owner of Stephen Hepp's Auto Service in Cohoes, New York. While his business has been blooming for years, his branding was in desperate need of some trimming and pruning.

Or existence.


I'm literally cringing. (I'm not trying to be mean. They hated this site, too.)

Can we just look at this for a second? This was their website when I met them. For a shop so vibrant and alive and strong, this site and lack of branding gives more of a flat tire feel than "honest and reliable local business loved by its customers".

We played around with a few concepts before settling on the new identity. I send three concepts to each branding client and we move forward with revisions on one of them.

Both of these concepts were great, but he wanted a less corporate and more personal, familiar feel. So Concept 3 was our winner. And he didn't need any revisions which made things easy on my end!

The website was pretty simple and straightforward. A one page spread was sufficient, as they don't have any heavy copy or content. And let me tell you... wiping the website slate clean and going from this:


To this AFTER:

... was insanely satisfying. I felt like a hero.

The shop sign, business cards, and t-shirts are in production as we speak. More importantly, Steve and the guys at the shop love how it all looks. This branding is a great fit for them and I can't wait to see what it does for their business!

Check out the rest of the website here: www.stephenhepp.com and let me know what you think.

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