Hi there! I'm Stacey Leonard, the artist behind This Is Art. My mom says she knew I was an artist since the moment I could hold crayons in my hand. I am a multi-disciplinary artist. My career in art is a journey, and I enjoy dabbling in many mediums, constantly discovering something new. 

I have been freelancing for thirteen years, but decided to launch This Is Art in 2015 to give all of my professional creative endeavors one centralized home. In November of 2016, I became a published children's book illustrator and designer, a career goal I've had for quite some time. This sparked a fire in my heart for illustration. I have since completed two other publication illustration projects, and am currently working on multiple children's books, as well as branding, illustration, web services and more for businesses and individual clients.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the messiness of paints and chalks and the endless possibilities that lie within all types of tools and supplies in the art world. Discovering and executing a second life for dusty, broken, used up, and forgotten things gives me tremendous joy, and I'm constantly salvaging and repurposing materials in all my arts & crafts.


I laugh a ton, daydream about donuts, and cannot go a day in the outside world without calculating how I'm going to paint it.

I am currently living in the Albany, New York area in an enchanted fairytale cottage. Being a Christ-follower gives me great inspiration (2nd Corinthians 5:17). I love people & want to make the world a more beautiful place with through art.


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