Prescheduled days and times for each class or event to help you keep your scheduling simple. If you don't see a workshop listed here, stay tuned for the next event!

Skip the errands... All supplies are included in every workshop and will be prepped and waiting for you when you get here. Easy peasy.

I'm looking to share my art skills, not make a million bucks (but that would be nice!). Workshops and classes are priced competitively with

a great amount of care and consideration for various budgets.

Don't be intimidated! Most classes & workshops are built around different levels of skill, from beginner to advanced. You have a spot here!

Get all the other info you need below and sign up for a class today! Not something your interested in now? Lessons & workshops would make an awesome gift!


U P   N E X T :




Come learn the basics of Lettering! Begin your journey towards beautiful chalk and brush marker lettering. This course will give you a firm foundation to begin lettering your own prints, invitations, custom pieces, etc. The sky is the limit!

8+          WHEN        WHERE

supplies are included.

Each student will

receive a black, Tombow brush marker & 1 chalk marker), an instructional packet for learning & practicing, with all necessary line + form sheets, plus a project piece/gift and member code to access additional materials online.


T H E   D E T A I L S

1            $150            ALL

part course.

This one is easy!

1 class only,

2 hrs long.

$150 set up fee required to host a class in your location, plus $45/per person (minimum of 8 people required).

spots are available per course. Each

class is designed

to be fun and

comfortable, so

grab a friend

and come learn something new together!

You pick!

Contact me to

schedule your event!

Your location 

Your home, camp, backyard, office or workspace, school, church and more! I'll come to you! 





C O M I N G   S O O N

P R I V A T E   L E S S O N S

Want to avoid the crowd? Want a way to satisfy that creative fix without committing to a set schedule? With private lessons, I'm at your disposal!  

I will soon be offering private lessons for children

(ages 8-15) and adults (16+). Private lessons are

based around a custom curriculum and schedule

that I design directly with YOU.

Perhaps you'd like to learn oil painting landscapes, watercolor florals, and pen and ink calligraphy... all in one month. That's doable! You set the frequency of the lessons, we work together to build lesson plans and schedules, and we find a time and date that works best between the two of us. It's a completely exclusive, YOU-centered experience. 

Curriculum options: oil / acrylic / watercolor painting / sketching / charcoal / lettering & calligraphy / plein air drawing & painting / collage-making / digital painting (iPad Pro + Apple Pencil required) / Photoshop / sign-making / chalk art / plus lots more!

Children's private lessons can be grouped to up to 4 children per session.

Children: $45 per SESSION + supply fees (each additional child + 10)

Adults: $65 per SESSION + supply fees

A session is typically an hour, and you can book multiple sessions back to back for a discount. Save 20% when you book 6 sessions at once.

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